Moving Tips and Tricks


Most of us have experienced a move at some stage of our lives. From our experience and having moved 100’s of families, the one thing that defines a seamless move is a checklist!

Take the time to draw up a plan with our team, however in the interim, we have provided the following moving tips and tricks:

  • Get three (3) quotes from Removalists
  • Start a file whereby you can keep all your paperwork
  • Start a list of all businesses you will need to contact to change address, include online accounts
  • Purchase boxes, packing tape, packing material, labels, box cutters, mattress bags
  • Donate unwanted items to charity, especially outgrown clothes
  • Have a room by room plan
  • Colour code boxes for each room
  • Create a master list for your inventory
  • Organise forwarding of mail with Australia Post if need be
  • Advise insurance company
  • Cancel newspaper home delivery and re-order at new address
  • Pack small valuables like jewellery and heirlooms and put separately having previously taken photos in case of an insurance claim
  • Ensure removalist has covered you for moving insurance
  • Do a little packing each day so you don’t have to complete it all in the last week
  • Defrost your freezer and keep an esky handy for milk and drinks for the last day
  • Back up all computers
  • Dispose of all non-transportable flammable items i.e. paint
  • Each family member should pack a small suitcase with their toiletries and daily clothing
  • Carry out a bond clean on the house
  • Immerse yourself in the memories then look forward to the new chapter in life!


moving tips and tricks